Anyone ever receive a 50 inch trail fine?
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    Anyone ever receive a 50 inch trail fine?

    I’m well versed in the 50 inch trail restrictions and understand the logic behind them but my question is whether anyone on the forum has actually received a citation for exceeding the 50 inch limit or even been stopped and measured? If so, post your experience and your actual width. Wondering if LE officers have allowed any leeway in real life. Seems like I see people worried about being 1/2 inch over with tire changes but is it like speeding where almost every officer gives a few mph over? I can’t believe 50-1/4” wide would get a ticket.

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    I have 28x10x12 tires (stock rims) on all 4 corners. I had to add spacers to the front and back due to rubbing the rear springs when fully extended and rubbing the front springs when fully extended and turning. The front rims are narrower so the front tires stick out a little more than the rears. Its a little taller and wider in the front than the rear. Last summer (don't remember the date) at wayne national forest they were stopping and talking to everyone. The park ranger looked at mine and said, this looks a little wide for a trail model. He measured me and the front was 55 and the back was 53. A few weeks before that when I measured it I was 53 and 51. With it loaded with me and a passenger it was 55 and 53. Anyway, I asked him if he wanted me run back to camp and pre-load the shocks more and get it to 50, he said no, finish the ride I was on and narrow it before the next ride. I haven't changed a thing to the width since then. lol
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