Why the Stator Covers Crack
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Thread: Why the Stator Covers Crack

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    Why the Stator Covers Crack

    I'm replacing the crankshaft in my X motor because the stator cover cracked.

    The first thing I did is I pulled the stator cover off and put a dial indicator on the end of the crankshaft. There was .010" runout on the end of the crank. Spec is .001"

    So now I have it all apart and decided to verify the runout on the crank since the fixed main bearing had a lot of play too.

    The design of this engine is strange. The main bearing on the clutch side is a roller bearing but the bearing on the stator side is not. It is like an automotive bearing pressed into an oiling sleeve and that is pressed into the case. Then there is the roller bearing on the stator cover that is supposed to support the end of the crank. The problem with this design is the fixed bearing in the center wears but the others do not and this will naturally cause flexing and vibration.

    Here is the 2 different main bearings

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    I chucked the crankshaft up in my lathe and put the dial indicator on the main journal on the stator side and sure enough there is .010" runout

    Here is the vid

    I don't know if the crankshaft is twisting and going out of phase since it is a pressed together crank or if it is just bent. My Wildcat has a couple thousand miles on it and it has always had a vibration but I ignored it since so many people said the X motor vibrates more. Maybe it was never straight, or maybe the endless hammering at Glamis was more than it could handle. Either way, it is bent and the new one I am putting in is not. With the new bearings it should be good for quite a while. I can't wait to get it together and see if it vibrates the same or if it is less.

    One thing I know is it will not leak oil like it used to
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    I had a 2012....cracked engine case stock, then w/ MCX Turbo and STM Clutch broke 2 crankshafts, and blew up 2 rear diffs,

    Then got a 2014 X Limited....leaked oil since new, bent crankshaft, and cracked the stator cover....

    Got a RZR XPT..hauls ass, rides great, handles terrible, sucks in the whoops

    Now....Speed XX #32

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    Another sticky, and closed to traffic.
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