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Thread: MLS aftermarket warranty warning. (Century Automotive)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MCR500 View Post
    While I am sure that SOME Extended Warranty companies operate like you stated, my experience has been totally opposite.

    I still believe that the Dealer has EVERYTHING to do with whether a claim is accepted or not.

    The damage pictured below was put through my Extended Warranty carrier Zurich. Left the Muzzy exhaust and Fuel Controller on it when I brought it in.

    No questions asked, rebuilt entire motor. My Dealer filled out appropriate paperwork, and ordered the parts. Got the car back last Wednesday.

    There is no way I would own ANY of the major brands without a warranty!!! Could not afford the car repairs, no way!

    You guys having trouble getting issues covered need to find a new Dealer!!!

    Sorry about the sideways pics!!!

    You're 100% right! I've said it plenty of times already in this, and other threads. If the dealer doesn't want to be bother because he won't make near as much on warranty items, as non warranty items, HE WON'T! Go find another dealer. An extended warranty is a great thing to us owners, not so much for the dealers.
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    I just took my medicine on extended warranties....don't buy a Cornerstone Warranty for your SXS....I agree with earlier posts...they are just looking for ways to get out of paying claims. I have a great dealer and they have bent over is all about Cornerstone and looking for ways not to pay. The drive coupler between my engine and rear diff blew a clamp, took out the engine output seal, resulting in low oil and engine damage. Read your fine print...they have language to deny about anything. They had a rep come out and inspect it and said a clamp caused it and clamps aren't covered so the repair isn't covered. I should have kept my money and put it towards repairs! The fine print basically says if it was caused by a bolt, clamp, rubber, bla, bla, bla... Basically looking for any fine print to deny claims....a broken bolt or clamp can exclude a lot of stuff... I suggest keeping your money and saving for repairs or at minimum not using Cornerstone.

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    Cornerstone replaced my rear trailing arms after a bolt sheared off. I have 1 week of warranty left, and it will suck once it is gone. They replaced 3 front A-arms that bent and a rear diff and starter. They also re-sealed the engine 3 times. I think the total on the invoices was well over $10,000. Still hoping to blow my engine this weekend as a little send off...

    They only denied one claim for radius rod bushings, as it was the rubber parts that went bad. I just went aftermarket on those as they were way better and way cheaper.
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