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    My wife and I own a little resort on the Paiute Trail and decided to try UTV rentals (2 utility machines). We got everything set up and started working on insurance quotes. We could only find one insurance company that would even underwrite liability and damage policies. For two machines Aug - Oct the liability insurance was $4,400 and the damage insurance was $50 per machine per rental day. Our broker for our regular liability policy on the resort also told us we would be dropped if we started a UTV rental business on the property. Probably safe to assume that UTV rentals result in lots of injuries and expensive damage. I would also imagine that a business that submits very many claims is very likely to see a large premium increase and possibly get dropped from their policy.

    Sorry to hear about your friend, hope he heals quickly. I don't have a good answer to your question about getting fleeced but I have heard that rollovers, even just rolling onto the side of the machine, can result in more damage that one would imagine (i.e. engine still running and depriving the engine, etc.). Shops charge $100+ per hour for labor and stock parts are awfully expensive. Hope you're able to resolve it.
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    Heres my thing if it rolled only on the right side why does it need upper and lower left front arms? I question some of the parts but those to stick out as no way do they need replaced. But a roll over is costly at times

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