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    Quote Originally Posted by ges View Post
    i have the power commander. what came in your clutch kit? mine was 35/50 cam black r/b 200-280 secondary spring and primary is h6xx weights and a black /blue spring . dropped down g6xx weights for 6/9000 ft and it runs as said above our elevation is 1400 ft
    Those are the same parts that were in my kit. Looks like you got a primary spring and I did not so I added a Dalton spring to try and get the engagement down. I just don't like all the tip weight you add on the speedwerx weights so I moved to a more adjustable weight in the STM. I could not load them enough to keep it pulled into the power band. I currently have weight in the heel and mid locations for good belt squeeze down low as I'm not a huge top speed guy. I would like to try a better belt as well since the cat belts are know to glaze over. I'm looking for ideal bottom end snap for trail driving with strong low to mid power.

    What I do know is the speedwerx kit was better than stock even with over rev on engine. Also stock primary and speedwerx secondary parts were better than stock as I tracked them on my gps while I made changes. I use a Turbo Dynamics GPS Meter as it shows many distance displays.

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    Just so everyone knows, the Stage 2 Kit is designed to run 9200-9600RPM and with the stock header you want 9100-9400RPM. Always check your RPM with a good hot machine with hot clutches and belt too, not just a quick 5 minute ride around the house- the RPM changes a fair amount once the clutches and belt are up to temp. Try to be as consistant as you can with the conditions you are checking it in too- back to back on the same day if you can, and don't just go by the max RPM you see while the tires are spinning as you need to get it up to speed for a true reading.

    The XX engine seems to prefer less tip weight for best overall performance, if you are consistently having high rpm issues we would suggest the next set of weights rather than loading the tip to the max. The load sensing nature of the CVT system is somewhat forgiving, but clutching is not a one size fits all scenario and we can't test every possible condition you may encounter or every combination of parts- a machine loaded up with accessories and a passenger will respond differently than a stock machine, and the large variances in tire/wheel sizes and weights plays a big factor as well.

    If you've got one of our kits and are not in the RPM ranges stated above, give us a call to discuss the specifics of your application and we'll help get you dialed in- we really don't monitor the forums any more, and contacting us directly is the best way to get a quicker answer on any of our products anyway. Jeremy can also be reached by email at [email protected] as well if you are unable to call during business hours.
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    Good info. Now let's just get those stage 2 kits back in stock.

    Ready to order with the Q6.

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