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2013.5 wildcat 1000x

  1. 2013.5 X with cracked case -- sell as is, or fix first?

    Wildcat X
    I seem to be having awfully bad luck with Wildcats. I bought my first one brand new and loved it, but it was stolen after I'd owned it about 6 months. I bought another, lightly used, and loved it -- but now the case is cracked and the dealer is quoting us $6,000 to fix it. Ouch. I think the...
  2. Loose oilfilter think I blew engine

    Wildcat X
    First time I ever seen a oil filter come loose when riding, especially after riding for a couple months. Just goes to show you have to check Everything before going out. Well it happened to me while flying through the ditches, I lost power abruptly in the thick sand and thought it was soft soft...