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2014 wildcat x

  1. Lead King Basin, Marble Colorado

    Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    On my two week vacation one of our rides was through the beautiful Lead King Basin in Colorado. It was awesome, the beauty helped ease the understanding that if you made one wrong move you could wake up dead. There were several avalanche areas. One had been cleared the other was where the Sport...
  2. Thanksgiving kitty action

    Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    Was able to spend my first thanksgiving back in TEXAS with the fam. It was a great time, made even better by my wildcat X. I took my mom and dad out for a little ride and they loved it. Let m know what yall think of the video and be sure to check m out on youtube, "nathan barela" and subscribe...
  3. Spring rub tech Bulitin

    Wildcat General Discussion
    Went to my local dealer today and inquired about my front springs rubbing the threads off my shocks. Apparently, a update came out to resolve this just two days ago!! Arctic Cat has a bushing that keeps the spring aligned with the shock. The counter guy had to order up the parts for my ride. We...
  4. Wildcat X Coming Soon?

    Arctic Cat Wildcat News
    Arctic Cat surprised all of us today announcing an addition to the Wildcat SideXSide lineup. According to a post on facebook the new model will be called the Wildcat X and hopefully we'll have more details soon. For more discussions check out this thread already in progress...