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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello I’m new here! I have a 2007 Arctic cat M6 that I just pulled out of storage. Tried firing it up today and have no spark. Checked plugs, wires, coil, connectors and all good. Even tested the plug that connects to the ECU and those connections are good. Is my ECU wiped? Sonnection terminals...
  2. Wildcat XX
    Hello, I am currently on the hunt for a wrecked or salvaged Wildcat XX. I currently have a 2018 model that I have setup for strictly trail riding and some road riding when I can. This one is basically all stock with some goodies added on. But I come from a racing background, I have raced ATV's...
  3. Wildcat XX
    Winter wrench season has come to a close. This was the first test run after all the upgrades. Let's see what everyone has. Team Arctic Cat
  4. Wildcats For Sale
    his Wildcat 1000x side by side is in very good condition with only 884 miles and 209 hours. It has been well maintained with new brakes, wheel bearings, belt and shocks serviced this season. Accessories and modifications include... Brand New 30" Terrabite tires on Beadlock rims with TireBalls...
  5. Wildcat Sport
    Hello, I have a 2016 Wild Cat Sport. It’s been a great machine and haven’t had any issues. Last year, while out on the trails I broke the shifter cable. I knew it was coming due to the difficulty of shifting, having to force it into gear(s). I’ve read many threads here indicating the cause being...
  6. Wildcats For Sale
    $7,900. In addition to the low miles and hours, the Trail has never been away from my subdivision and was mostly used to give my grand kids a ride through the woods and streets. The accessories installed totaled over $1,500 in cost. I'm located in Southern Indiana. Trades may be considered.
  7. Wildcat Parts and Products For Sale
    I have a set of 4 ITP Tires and Wheels Mounted, They are in perfect condition, my boyfriend ran them up and down the street once, then decided to go with a bigger size. Tires are 26x10R14 Bajacross 8 ply Wheels are 14x7 SD Dual Beadlocks THEY WILL FIT ALL THE ARCTIC CAT UTV'S $900.00 OBO
  8. Wildcat Trail / Trail XT
    I ride in sometimes terribly dusty areas, I want to get a better Air Filter. I prefer getting a K&N Filter but they don't seem to be producing one for us yet. Am I wrong? I'm aware of evopowersports, ​just looking for options.
  9. Wildcat Trail / Trail XT
    post all your wild cat trail vids here !
  10. Wildcat General Discussion
    Hey Guys, I'm an Arctic Cat / Wildcat Dealer in Chattanooga, TN. I was wondering what aftermarket companies there are that I can set up with as a dealer. I've got some ideas, but it's best to hear from the consumer methinks. Our Wildcat riders are concerned with tackling the rocks, and we have...
1-10 of 12 Results