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  1. Wildcat XX axle size

    Wildcat XX
    Along with the suspension components, sounds like the axles themselves are built for abuse. How much larger are they compared to competitors? What is the axle shaft diameter? Anyone had issues other than plunge & boot issues?
  2. Looking for a Rear Axle shaft for a 2012 Wildcat 1000

    Wildcat Parts and Products For Sale
    Wondering if anyone might have an axle shaft only that they want to get rid of. I have a bent axle shaft but the cv joints are just fine. Was thinking if I could find just the shaft I could put my cv joints on and have a good spare.
  3. Expert opinion needed! Rear axle clip

    Wildcat Trail / Trail XT
    I know this is has been brought up more than once, but I need an opinion. Last year my axle can popped out, I ordered a retaining clip and it seemed a little small (22mm). I managed to get the axle back in though (was supposed to be temporary), was planning on finding the right sized clip to...
  4. Safety issue with bolt falling out of radius rod.

    Wildcat 4
    So this last weekend a group of us rode together at Dove Springs. Three of us had bolts fall out of our radius rods causing the axle to come out or break. In the process of the lower radius rod and axle coming out, the upper radius rod got bent, the inside of the wheel got damaged and bumper...
  5. CV Joint Issues??

    Issues and Resolutions
    I am a new Wildcat owner this year and went out last weekend on trails. Put 20 miles on here in SE MN not too hard of riding but after being just about done Sunday my rear drivers side outer CV joint completely came apart. With 240 miles on the machine luckily it was still under warranty. Called...
  6. Rear cv boot protection

    Issues and Resolutions
    Hi guys, I just received my new Wildcat X, and took it for a first ride today. Bad luck, already torn the rear inner cv boot and inner side of the axle popped out. I don't know how as I was in the desert and only drove 16 kilometers. I don't know yet if my axle is dead as it's already night...