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  1. Second battery dedicated for the stereo

    Wildcat XX
    When I got my XX, I removed the alternator due to all the mud/water we play in. From what I understand, the stator is just enough to run the stock electronics & charge the battery. I'm going to add a stereo & I'm assuming I need a dedicated battery? Will an isolated battery run a stereo for a...
  2. Charger pigtail on the XX

    Wildcat XX
    Is there a pigtail somewhere on the XX to plug in a trickle charger/battery maintainer? That way you're not having to get into the battery compartment every time?
  3. Do I really need a second battery??

    Wildcat Lighting, Stereo and Electrical
    I'm installing a winch on my '14 X and am wondering if the stock battery will be fine for a Superwinch Terra 35? I've had winches on my quads in the past and have never had battery trouble on the tiny single stock batteries. I understand the reason for having the second battery, but where I...
  4. Electrical questions

    Wildcat Trail / Trail XT
    Hey guys I'm new to the forum wold but I was wondering if anyone has put radio or lights or anything on their trail yet and if you need a second battery or not. I got a head unit. 1000 watt amp n 2 kicker comp speakers for mine working on hooking up now. But I'm worried about the charging...