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  1. Wildcat General Discussion
    Hi everyone. I have a 2013 Wildcat 1000HO. I'm going through belts like crazy. About one every 50-100 miles. The previous owner never did any maintenance or cleaning on the machine. After cleaning roughly 100lbs of mud out of the machine, I started researching how to's. I have tried the...
  2. Wildcat General Discussion
    I bought a 2014 Wildcat 1000 HO. Not a X. The belt was broken in at the dealership. SO they say. It had around 5 miles on it. I drove it easy till I hit 10 miles never going over 40. Then I drove two 10 mile trips between 50 and 65mph. Though I smelt rubber once during one of the 10 mile trips...
  3. Wildcat X
    Ok can someone please tell me the proper way to break in a belt !!! This time i using a oem belt cause that gates blew in pieces !!!! So i have about 40 hours on my cat not sure about miles i didn't check but on third belt in less then 3 months i owned this !!! Someone told me i wasn't breaking...
1-3 of 4 Results