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  1. broken rear drive shaft part #2402-134

    Wildcat General Discussion
    Hey guys need a little help,just wondering if anyone has a video or pics of how to replace this part and where to buy on the cheep??
  2. what breaks first ?? HELP

    Wildcat General Discussion
    new guy to forum and arctic cat,with everything there is always things that are weak or suck or should be upgraded asap.I have a early 2013 with the old type clutch, got it from some rich guy that never used it. has all factory extras and i added some 30 in tires.I took it to bass pro and they...
  3. Clutch going out? Or belt shot? Help please!

    Issues and Resolutions
    Hey guys, I have a 2012 wildcat 1000 and was curious if my clutch was going out or if my belt was crappy. When I put it in high and give it gas, it acts like it revs up more then it should (it still starts rolling forward but slowly) then it feels like it catches and then goes like it normally...