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  1. Issues and Resolutions
    Any ideas without engine removal and lower end disassembly. I have removed the primary clutch, and nothing is binding behind that. Compression is ~90 rear, ~120 front. Crank speed is slower than expected. All starter gears, bosses are good, (Has new style starter in it already I think) and a...
  2. Wildcat X
    yesterday as i was riding my cat a loud noise came from the engine. when i got off to check there was a big hole i the clutch cover. this morning i removed the cover and saw both primary and secondary clutch exploded into pieces. is there any reason why something like this would happen? should...
  3. Wildcat 4
    I pulled my cover today to check the belt after only one weekend out. Belt looks great. Decided to drill some holes in the cover while it was off. I took pretty easy on the cat. I alternated between 2 and 4 wheel drive and low and high range. 6.8 hours and only 61 miles.
1-3 of 3 Results