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  1. Where can I find a 2012 clutch? Plz Help!

    Wildcat General Discussion
    Hi guys, so I just purchased a 2012 Wildcat 1000 a week ago. First ride I took it on I was cruising 50mph down the gravel road. Then the belt broke, it was insanely hot in the clutch area when I took the cover off. The drive clutch is in really bad shape and needs replacing. But I can’t find...
  2. Shifter cable

    Wildcat Sport
    Having an issue with my primary clutch sticking. Felt like my shifter cable just came disconnected - not snapped. Are these cables sealed? Is there a way to hook them up again inside? My wildcat sport is basically sitting now. Just got the primary clutch puller in mail. Going to dig into why...
  3. 2012 wildcat 1000 help plz shifting issue

    Issues and Resolutions
    hello issue im having with my wildcat 1000 2012 is that it is not going into any gear its in neutral it runs turns over and when power is on shits in the the gear as indicated on dash but its not engaging any gears i shift into just stays in neutral please walk me through some troubleshooting...
  4. Jerky clutch on a new XX

    Wildcat XX
    First thing I noticed on my new machine. Feathering the throttle from a dead stop (in high & low), it's very jerky/studdery. Is this normal? Part of the belt/clutch break-in? Smooths out over time? Thanks.
  5. New 15 sport xt

    Wildcat Sport
    So pulled the trigger on a new 15 sport xt on Saturday. Been so cold didn't get a lot of ride time this weekend, but today it got up to 48 so when I got home from work went for a ride, has 25 miles on it now. But now it seem like the clutch is staying engaged or if there is a clutch brake it...
  6. ISO wildcat x clutches!!!

    Wildcat Parts and Products For Sale
    Looking for both team clutches. Or perhaps a good priced set of aftermarket.
  7. Spider Cracked in my primary, Looking for Replacement suggestions

    Wildcat X
    I recently purchased my 2014 WC X with 900 miles on it and it began to lurch forward on me in gear. Upon further inspection of my clutches i noticed my spider was cracked in the primary, So that leaves me here looking for suggestions on where to get a new primary. I am looking for brand and...
  8. Which CVT blower setup is better

    Wildcat General Discussion
    Hi guys, I am getting ready to install a cvt cooling fan on my 4x. I know a lot of people add the fan to the air inflow duct that already exists. Speedwerx has a kit for which you have to modify the clutch cover and add a new air inflow duct. My question is, is there a significant gain from...
  9. Cleaning the primary/secondary clutches

    Wildcat General Discussion
    Went riding the other weekend & got some mud in the clutch housing. After everything is removed & taken apart, what do you guys use to clean all the primary/secondary clutch components? A special cleaning solution? Soap & water? Same for the belt too I guess. Anything else I'm not thinking of...
  10. new in Utah and need clutch advise for 31" tires

    New Member Introductions
    I have a 2014 4x and just picked up some 31" motohammers. I like to ride on trails and being in Utah it is a ton of rocks. I need to get the right clutch set up for rocks and some dirt, i don't plan on sand right now but want to be able to take it Moab and have fun. I know that there are several...
  11. Clutch and Shifting Issues - Dealer No Real Help

    Issues and Resolutions
    So I see a few post that sorta relate to the problem I'm having. I have a 2013.5 Limited Cat with the Team clutches. I bought it brand new less than a year ago and the bike has less that 250 relatively easy miles on it. Once I ride for a few mins and everything gets good and warmed up it wont...
  12. Smoked a belt and Clutch rattle before.

    Wildcat General Discussion
    I bought a 2014 Wildcat 1000 HO. Not a X. The belt was broken in at the dealership. SO they say. It had around 5 miles on it. I drove it easy till I hit 10 miles never going over 40. Then I drove two 10 mile trips between 50 and 65mph. Though I smelt rubber once during one of the 10 mile trips...
  13. another stupid clutch question

    Wildcat X
    New guy here with a couple of stupid questions. I have a 13 X with the rapid response clutch. 1 Is this a wet clutch? 2 Is it adjustable? 3 Best belt to use? 4 What special tools will I need to change the belt and-or clutch? 5 Best place to buy the tools? Tanks for the help!
  14. The Clutch my Wildcat X broken

    Wildcat X
    I have a WildCat X since December 2013 and in recent days only 72.1 hours of use and marking the odometer 2637 km without reaching the 100 km / hr in past days shattered the pulley inside the main gear and I would like to know if anyone can guide me as this is likely to happen and they advise me...
  15. Clutch going out? Or belt shot? Help please!

    Issues and Resolutions
    Hey guys, I have a 2012 wildcat 1000 and was curious if my clutch was going out or if my belt was crappy. When I put it in high and give it gas, it acts like it revs up more then it should (it still starts rolling forward but slowly) then it feels like it catches and then goes like it normally...
  16. Maxxis Bighorn Radial 30x10x14

    Wildcat General Discussion
    I have a 2013.5 wildcat 1000 limited and I'm wanting to put a set of Maxxis Bighorn Radial 30x10x14 on it. I don't do any heavy mud riding, I ride mostly trails and snow. I'm wondering what I should do to make this work. Do I need a clutch kit? If so what should I get? Also will I need wheel...
  17. Broke my first belt... and then some.

    Issues and Resolutions
    I took my X out for a day-long adventure on Saturday with just over 1200 miles on the original belt. I have a UTV inc. belt cooler and haven't had any issues until now. I approached a particularly gnarly trail option (one I've done before) and got about half way through it and lost momentum...
  18. Clutch problem

    Issues and Resolutions
    When I put it in gear it won't click in until I accelerate, and if I climb a hill it pops out of gear and grinds. Clutch I assume?
  19. Why no factory clutch blower

    Wildcat General Discussion
    AC must no people are burning up belts. Why no updates on new machines ??????????????
  20. Clutch Maintenance question on 2012

    Wildcat General Discussion
    I have looked everywhere on here for what needs to be looked at on the clutches to maintain optimal performance. An thoughts or comments would be appreciated. I would think that cleaning all the belt dust would be first. Are there any parts that need to be lubed or polished like the helix or...