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  1. Wildcat General Discussion
    Hi everyone. I have a 2013 Wildcat 1000HO. I'm going through belts like crazy. About one every 50-100 miles. The previous owner never did any maintenance or cleaning on the machine. After cleaning roughly 100lbs of mud out of the machine, I started researching how to's. I have tried the...
  2. Wildcat General Discussion
    Went riding the other weekend & got some mud in the clutch housing. After everything is removed & taken apart, what do you guys use to clean all the primary/secondary clutch components? A special cleaning solution? Soap & water? Same for the belt too I guess. Anything else I'm not thinking of...
  3. Wildcat General Discussion
    I have a brand new, in the box Mussy WCD clutch for sale. It has never been used or put on the machine. I no longer need the upgrade. I am doing races in the Stock only class plus my type of riding & areas, the Wet clutch is better for me I will let it go for $825.00 Firm
  4. Wildcat General Discussion
    Folks, i bough my cat at the end of October this year and drove the 1st 150 miles in the desert/mountains. Awesome riding, other then blowing stock tires left and right. Since Veterans day my wife and I have been at Buttercup in the Imperial Sand Dunes. After the 1st 50 miles of hard riding...
1-4 of 4 Results