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  1. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    Right out my buddies garage are some pretty awesome trail systems and views. I was completely surprised by the amount of dust on the trails. When I think of CO I think mountains and green stuff. Not super dusty desert like conditions. Either way it was an awesome time and there were some pretty...
  2. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    On my two week vacation one of our rides was through the beautiful Lead King Basin in Colorado. It was awesome, the beauty helped ease the understanding that if you made one wrong move you could wake up dead. There were several avalanche areas. One had been cleared the other was where the Sport...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Just got back from the Rally On The Rocks in Moab where I met some great forum members...had to sign on after hearing their enthusiasm for the forum. We have a stock Wildcat Trail. Wanted the 50" capability since we live in Castle Rock, CO and have many 50" trails near us. Looking forward to...
  4. Wildcat Rides, Meets and Events
    Dear OHV Enthusiast, Thank you very much for assisting in the distribution of the 2013 COHVCO WHITE RIVER RENDEZVOUS flyer. The primary intent of this event is to promote OHV Tourism in Rio Blanco county. OHV Tourism can provide significant economic benefit to struggling rural communities. Rio...
1-4 of 4 Results