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  1. RMStator wiring for 2012 Wildcat

    Wildcat Lighting, Stereo and Electrical
    Recently went for a drive and motor quit. Wouldn't start so I towed it home. Was displaying PO336, PO339. Pulled the stator and CPS. Replaced with RMStator kit. Aftermarket stator plug does not fit factory Wildcat plug. Machine turns over but will not start. No codes displayed since...
  2. No Start and p0336

    Wildcat General Discussion
    So after I replaced the cracked stator cover I took a ride for the afternoon. The car was running great and I was all set to go to the big weekend in Glamis. When we got home I pulled the car out of the trailer and it wouldn't idle right and started to die unless I kept the throttle up. It also...