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  1. Wildcat XX
    Last trip out, the front diff exploded. This month Speedwerx is releasing their four spider front diff upgrade vs the stock two spider setup. I'm definitely doing this. Twice the gear contact should make a big difference.
  2. Wildcat XX
    I've never liked the stock 2wd/4wd/diff lock switch. Are there any other more user friendly three position switches out there? Has anyone had any good luck with them? Thanks.
  3. Issues and Resolutions
    not sure if anyone has broken this yet and if so please tell me i don't have to buy a whole new diff! i'm praying that all i have to do is open it up pull out broken splines, clean out, re-assemble... climbing a muddy hill, came down on the throttle, and POP! :pat: Thanks for any input.
1-3 of 3 Results