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  1. Wildcat Rides, Meets and Events
    just trying to see if anyone is opening their presents in the dunes this year. i planned on going out friday afternoon (the 25th) and so far its just me and my old lady. it would be cool to link up with some people since it will be the maiden voyage in the dunes with the new (to me) wildcat. if...
  2. Wildcat General Discussion
    Heading to little Sahara sand dunes, in Utah we have a red wildcat x and my viper blue wildcat x, all weekend we will be on the north end of the loops in white sands come out and play
  3. Wildcat X
    I'm taking my Wildcat4X to the dunes for the first time over Halloween weekend!!!! Can anyone recommend any modifications I need OR should make to the wildcat before I go??? I've received mixed reviews from do nothing and it handles awesome stock TO I'm crazy for taking a 4 seat wildcat to the...
  4. Wildcat X
    A bunch of us local guys are heading out to Buttercup sand dunes east of Gordon wells on sunday everyone is invited to come along
  5. Wildcat General Discussion
    I have an oem wildcat roof for sale this is brand new I took it off my cat dealer shoved it down my throat !!!! this is the one for speakers but no speakers with it retails for $499 I will sell it for $245 plus $40 shipping obo !!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Wildcat General Discussion
    my dealer just informed me that I should be climbing china wall and comp hill and any other huge dune in the low gear? is this true this is the same dealer that told me I would be fine with 14 staggered paddles extreme !!! so do I climb these dunes in the low gear ?
  7. Wildcat General Discussion
    Does the 1000x require a helmet at the dunes since it's technically a labeled as 1000?
  8. Wildcat X
    Hey people I'm new to this forum thing but I just purchased a wild cat x (got a killer deal) my problem is I'm getting spanked by xp 900 real bad on pavement and in Sand me in 4wd and rzr in 2wd with paddles would keep up with me ! My question is the ecu upgrade worth it will I beat xps both are...
  9. Wildcat General Discussion
    Folks, i bough my cat at the end of October this year and drove the 1st 150 miles in the desert/mountains. Awesome riding, other then blowing stock tires left and right. Since Veterans day my wife and I have been at Buttercup in the Imperial Sand Dunes. After the 1st 50 miles of hard riding...
1-9 of 9 Results