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  1. uInstrument cluster (gauge/speedo) bugging out.

    Issues and Resolutions
    Hi this will be my first time posting in this forum. I own a 2012 wildcat 1000. I have an issue that is baffling. Everything was going perfectly about a week ago. I blew a belt. I then changed the belt. During the belt break in i got i codes c1312 which went away after break in period. once...
  2. 2014 Wildcat Trail XT uo155 Help.

    Wildcat General Discussion
    Help. I have a trail and I think I have fried the ECU. Long story short with adead bat and on New Years Eve I hooked up a charger to jump it and go for a spin but couldn’t get it to start. It cranked then stopped and wouldn’t do anything but show the code uo155. A new battery and still same. I...
  3. EVP 2019 ECU Programming and new Dash Features!

    Wildcat XX
    We have just completed testing on our 2019 Wildcat XX. There was a few hp difference between the 2018 and 2019 machines. We were still able to extract extra hp on the 2019 over the stock calibration. As soon as the 2019 software is released, all 2018 vehicles will use the 2019 base software...
  4. UTV Invasion EVP XX High Elevation Testing ECU Programming and Exhaust

    Wildcat XX
    The EVP crew just finished our high elevation validation of our slip on "Magnum" exhaust and Multi Map ECU Programming. But first a few notes: In the heavily traveled whooped out main trail into and out of the dunes, we were able to pass a fleet of XP Turbos like they were standing still...
  5. WildcatX ecu

    Wildcat Parts and Products For Sale
    Sold wildcat X ecu for sale. This came with engine I purchased. I have no need for it. Ill sale it for 100 shipped
  6. Had to Replace Stator, Wiring Harness, ECU (2nd time)

    Wildcat Trail / Trail XT
    VIN #0627 700+ miles On my last Hatfield McCoy trip riding with friends, we had to go through a mud/water hole. Water got in floorboard but nothing too deep. I’ve been through it before and had no problems. Shortly afterward, my Trail started throwing codes and eventually stopped and wouldn’t...
  7. WILDCAT X ECU Reflash has been finished +9 hp over stock

    Wildcat Performance Modifications
    Evolution Powersports is pleased to announce that we have finished the Wildcat X ECU reflash. With our "Bullet" and Carbon Fiber "Hex" Exhausts, we achieved a 9 HP gain over stock. We have revised the timing, fueling, rev limit (8000 rpms), etc. to realize these gains. Not only that, the...