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  1. loud clunking noise from engine.

    Issues and Resolutions
    Hi all, I am new here. I have a 2012 Wildcat 1000. It has about 467miles on it. I just purchased this a few months ago. The guy i bought it from blew the transmission gear out in it. but had a friend of his who is an arctic cat mechanic fix it. I have put roughly 150 miles on it and it ran...
  2. 2012 Wildcat 1000i HO Oil Leaks

    Wildcat General Discussion
    I decided to start a new thread and let everyone know the trouble I went thru with the oil leaks on the bottom pan. I bought the 2012 Wildcat 1000i HO about 3 or 4 months ago. Before buying it I checked and found that they have an oil leak problem. No problem as I can fix it. I only paid $6500...
  3. 2012 engine for sale. Parts or comeplete minus clutching.

    Wildcat Parts and Products For Sale
    I have a 2012 engine that leaked oil for sale. Replaced with X engine. It had wet clutch delete that I sold and the carb, airbox, and injectors are missing otherwise complete. It ran when I removed it. I dont know much about the engine. When I bought the machine had a supercharger kit on it...
  4. Lower Enging Case Reseal

    Issues and Resolutions
    Have had an oil leak on my 4 limited (2014) since day one. Finally took it in for warranty work. So they did a Lower Engine Case Reseal as the title says. Is this a common problem with these machines? Or should I be good now that the warranty work has been done? They also had to replace a...
  5. need help with oil leaking from side of engine

    Wildcat Sport
    2015 wildcat sport I'm new and haven't figured out how to put up pictures yet but I'll describe where it looks like the leak is the best I can. On the passenger side of the motor, In between where the exhaust pipe makes the "u" shape and the water pump (guessing that's what it is) on the cover...
  6. Time for another Z1 build!

    Wildcat Performance Modifications
    I bought a 09 Z1 turbo sled for $6800. It has the 240hp setting as well as a 320hp setting when used with VP C16 race fuel. It also has anti-lag launch control. It will be donating all needed parts to my build! Wildcat preparing for surgery unnecessary parts removed and bottom plate welded in