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  1. Wildcat Parts and Products For Sale
    Seems that my power steering is not functioning correctly. I have tried loosening the bolts and checking out the slider. It is smooth with the unit unplugged but when it is plugged in it turns to the right on it own. So I need buy another power steering unit. If anybody has a good used one to...
  2. Issues and Resolutions
    2012 Wildcat 1000 with power steering issue, steering grabs and let's go in places while turning and with tie rods disconnected and front end off the ground steering is even worse, when you unplug the electronic power steering it turns just fine but soon as you plug it back in it goes ape shit...
  3. Wildcat Parts and Products For Sale
    trying to get this thing fixed before the end of the month so i can go to glamis with everyone. im in socal need a couple other parts too i guess but i'll probably just order some stuff from ebay tomorrow. tie rods steering rack axle
1-3 of 3 Results