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  1. Evolution exhaust + Reflash

    Wildcat Performance Modifications
    Somewhat new to the forum, 2013 wet clutch model. Was wondering if anyone knows of any deals/discounts on the Evo Bullet and Reflash? Any help is appreciated! thanks in advance
  2. WILDCAT X ECU Reflash has been finished +9 hp over stock

    Wildcat Performance Modifications
    Evolution Powersports is pleased to announce that we have finished the Wildcat X ECU reflash. With our "Bullet" and Carbon Fiber "Hex" Exhausts, we achieved a 9 HP gain over stock. We have revised the timing, fueling, rev limit (8000 rpms), etc. to realize these gains. Not only that, the...
  3. Evolution Powersports NEW addition to the Family...

    Wildcat X
    We are very excited to have finally picked up our new WILDCAT X. Products Available NOW: Chromoly Upper & Lower A Arms With Upgraded Ball Joints & Bushing Grease Zerks 6061 1" Diameter Tie Rods with Oversized Teflon Lined Heim Joints Chromoly High Clearance Lower Radius Rods Chromoly Upper...