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  1. Wildcat General Discussion
    Does anyone out there have a Muzzy Dual Exhaust on their Wildcat? Mine is a 2014 Wildcat 1000 Ltd. It had the Muzzy Dual when I purchased it used and also has the Muzzy programmer, which I've never played with. The exhaust has a great sound and turns heads wherever I go, but lately it has got...
  2. Wildcat Performance Modifications
    New member so if this has been covered before I apologize. I have owned my 14 X limited since 2016 purchased as a leftover model. Sad to say it is completely stock with only 40 hours on it now. I recently decided to give her a face lift and start some modifications. I am a automotive instructor...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone , I bought a Used 2012 WC 1000 , anything i should be aware of ?
  4. Wildcat XX
    The EVP crew just finished our high elevation validation of our slip on "Magnum" exhaust and Multi Map ECU Programming. But first a few notes: In the heavily traveled whooped out main trail into and out of the dunes, we were able to pass a fleet of XP Turbos like they were standing still...
  5. Wildcat Parts and Products For Sale
    Would prefer something that is clean and looks fairly new. May also consider aftermarket options as long as it bolts on and doesn't require a tuner anything like that. Thanks for looking
  6. Wildcat Sport
    Hi all. Just purchased a 2017 sport ltd ive been looking at a couple different packages for increased hp. They show decent Gaines but when I read closer they post gains from a 15 sport or trail. Now speedwerx posted that the gains are not as big on the 17 sport due to the factory making changes...
  7. Wildcat Performance Modifications
    Somewhat new to the forum, 2013 wet clutch model. Was wondering if anyone knows of any deals/discounts on the Evo Bullet and Reflash? Any help is appreciated! thanks in advance
  8. Wildcat Sport
    Over the weekend I removed my heat shield because it kept coming loose & coming into contact with the plastic behind the seat. I resprayed/rewrapped my header & also put some more head shield on the plastic itself. After putting everything back together, I fired it up to go through the curing...
  9. Wildcat Sport
    So yesterday i finally drilled my CAT in my OEM muffler. I also cut the tip top a 45 °. As it was out i decided to paint it and i found this product to paint it at my local Canadian Tire : VHT Flameproofâ„¢ Coating -- High Heat Coating Product was 17$ CAN I have use the black One, i sanded the...
  10. Wildcat Parts and Products For Sale
    Very nice exhaust for sale. Make offer. Have no need for it. Sold my cat.
  11. Wildcat Performance Modifications
    I've been looking into doing the main 3 (intake, exhaust, programmer), an ECU reflash, and a wet clutch delete on my dead stock Wildcat. Also looking into a Power Commander V. I've got a good friend with a Maverick that loves Evolution Powersports.. They boast pretty decent HP gains. (24 HP...
  12. Wildcat Trail / Trail XT
    Hello guys, I've been around the forum since I got my trail 1 year and a half ago and learned a lot reading your posts. I went with a HMF performance slip-on as it was the best deal I could get (exchange rate US-CAD is killing me). I read all your posts regarding the need of a fuel tuner when...
  13. Wildcat Performance Modifications
    I don't think I've seen a video like this on the forum. Everyone (including me) seems to like to hear the sound of different exhausts. Here is the stock muffler back to back with the Muzzy slip-on. Sorry it is just idle. Thanks ArizonaCrawler!!
  14. Wildcat Performance Modifications
    For all you Trail/Sport riders who have wrapped your header. Did you reinstall the heat shield? I wrapped mine this weekend. I sealed it up with the high heat silicone paint that the wrap manufacturer recommends. I also have a D&D exhaust arriving this week which will also help with the heat...
  15. Wildcat Sport
    This is my first CVT so this may be a stupid question. Why snorkel the CVT exhaust? Thanks.
  16. Wildcat Performance Modifications
    Loading the Wildcat 1000 up on the dyno, we realized an HMF Dual Slip On system would be killer in complimenting this power. We shaved off about 10lbs with the HMF system, and increased 4 horse power with 3 more lbs of torque. With the Swamp and Swamp XL Full systems, we saw similar power gains...
  17. Wildcat Parts and Products For Sale
    im selling my brand new, never installed big gun slip on exhaust. it is the new remodeled mount system that was designed after the stock mounting. you can see from the pics that it has never been out of the bag it came in and will be shipped in the box it came in from the factory. it comes with...
  18. Wildcat Parts and Products For Sale
    I have a stock exhaust for sale it's off my 2014 wildcat x asking $150 comes with exhaust gaskets and head pipes
  19. Wildcat Parts and Products For Sale
    Have a Big Gun Exhaust and programmer for sale. Have put about 200 miles through the exhaust and found it was just to loud for me. Asking 450.00 for both. Had it installed on a 2013.5 wildcat X. Selling Wildcat X for RZR 1000.
1-19 of 23 Results