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  1. Wildcat Parts and Products For Sale
    New - Never Installed (Spare in Box) Without Actuator PN# 1502-854 $550.00 + Shipping E-Mail me with any questions - looking to sell some of my parts, having kids are expensive. Plus it's winter in Idaho! New Arctic Cat Wildcat Front Differential Diff w O Actuator 1502 854 | eBay
  2. Wildcat General Discussion
    I noticed there is an updated part number for the front differential. Does anyone know what the difference is? I recently broke my differential housing and I am hoping the new one is stronger.
  3. Issues and Resolutions
    not sure if anyone has broken this yet and if so please tell me i don't have to buy a whole new diff! i'm praying that all i have to do is open it up pull out broken splines, clean out, re-assemble... climbing a muddy hill, came down on the throttle, and POP! :pat: Thanks for any input.
1-3 of 3 Results