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  1. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and new years. Me and a few buddy's went out and had a blast. Unfortunately my gopro died when things interesting! hope yall like the vid and cant wait to what the rest of the year has in store. Dont forget to subscribe.:o
  2. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    I feel my son is finally old enough to start riding around with me in the SXS. We had a blast and I was able to capture a little footage along the way. Le me know what yall think.
  3. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    Another eventful ride at GSL Ranch here in TEXAS. Thank God no one got hurt and I only bent a tie rod and a rim. The Dirt biker didn't get hurt beside his little feelings!!! Let me know what yall think and there plenty more on my yourtube channel. Thanks for watching.
  4. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    Finally received my highlifter rear radius rods in so I took the CAT out for a RIP! She drove awesome I couldnt be more happy. The rear end feel so much better and I can take turns with greater speed. Check out the video and let me know what yall think and subscribe on YouTube. Thanks
  5. Wildcat Rides, Meets and Events
    What's going on everyone? Wanted to see if anyone in the greater TeXaS Area wanted to meet up at GSL Ranch on the 21st of Jan. I have not been there before but it seems to have decent reviews, and I'm looking forward to checking the place out. I talked to Sam (that's who answers when you call...
1-5 of 5 Results