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  1. Wildcat Sport
    Over the weekend I removed my heat shield because it kept coming loose & coming into contact with the plastic behind the seat. I resprayed/rewrapped my header & also put some more head shield on the plastic itself. After putting everything back together, I fired it up to go through the curing...
  2. Wildcat Sport
    2015 wildcat sport I'm new and haven't figured out how to put up pictures yet but I'll describe where it looks like the leak is the best I can. On the passenger side of the motor, In between where the exhaust pipe makes the "u" shape and the water pump (guessing that's what it is) on the cover...
  3. Issues and Resolutions
    I've searched on here for a replacement rear seal that seems to be prone to leakage....Anyone have a Timken or another brand part # that works??? Which brand and weight of fluid is best to put back in? I'm sure it needs flushed after the muddy hell I just put it through!!! Best approach? Thanks!!
  4. Wildcat 4
    Hello All, after a few hours of dune riding I parked my 2013 Wildcat 4. I checked it over in the morning and noticed a large puddle of oil just below the A/F housing. I took the housing off and found oil all over the lower-inside of the housing. There is no oil in the intake. Anyone know...
1-4 of 4 Results