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  1. Wildcat Trail / Trail XT
    Has anybody made it so they can take out their lower A-arm bolts without removing damn near the whole front end? I have a brush guard bumper on my '14 trail and I need to do my front bushings badly and I am wondering if there is any modification I can do now to make this job easier the next time...
  2. Wildcat Sport
    ​what you running for tires im getin a set of 27x11x12 rear 27x9x12 front mudlite xtrs this week good looking radial and had great reviews mounting on stock steel wheels but i might mod some custom rim guards about 2 "wide welded all around the outer edge and cut some drain holes i hit a...
  3. Wildcat Performance Modifications
    Hey Forum, I have a customer who wants to do some clutch modifications (wet clutch delete) , but we are having a really hard time getting ahold of anyone at Airdam. We would hate to be waiting on it and not get ahold of anyone while his clutch was still with them. Does anyone know of anyone else...
1-3 of 3 Results