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  1. Wildcat XX
    Who thinks there will be a version for the people who play in the mud? It only makes sense since Polaris & CanAm have been doing it. All the intakes are already up high. Maybe a small lift. 32" mud slingers on beadlocks. A winch installed up front under the hood. A tow loop or hook out back...
  2. Wildcat Sport
    Other than relocating it, does anyone have any tricks for (helping) keep the radiator from getting clogged with mud so easily? I've heard of people spraying their radiators with diesel fuel to keep mud from sticking to it. Any truth to this? Any other tricks that may help?
  3. Wildcat Sport
  4. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    Forgot to post this a while ago.
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, I bought the wildcat last month and finally got a chance to really ride it. This is a great machine, I never really thought I would own a SxS but this is one hell of a ride and I'm really glad I got it. Power is great and it has incredible suspension. I took it down to KY to...
1-6 of 6 Results