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  1. OEM Exhaust/Header paint.

    Wildcat Sport
    So yesterday i finally drilled my CAT in my OEM muffler. I also cut the tip top a 45 °. As it was out i decided to paint it and i found this product to paint it at my local Canadian Tire : VHT Flameproofâ„¢ Coating -- High Heat Coating Product was 17$ CAN I have use the black One, i sanded the...
  2. custom muffler

    Wildcat Sport
    alot a muffler customization goin on and i got to try it my self for my sport ive built custom mufflers for all my other rides but usully out of other mufflers id cut gut em combine them n what not but im goin full custom on this one got some stainless pipe and sheet metal thinkin of copying the...
  3. HMF Performance slip-on Do I need a tuner

    Wildcat Trail / Trail XT
    Hello guys, I've been around the forum since I got my trail 1 year and a half ago and learned a lot reading your posts. I went with a HMF performance slip-on as it was the best deal I could get (exchange rate US-CAD is killing me). I read all your posts regarding the need of a fuel tuner when...
  4. wtb stock muffler

    Wildcat Parts and Products For Sale
    So I am riding last weekend with a group of rzrs and we do a 120 mile trip. Part of the trip involved a high speed run down a power line road. By the time it was over my heat shield had melted around the rear of the muffler. So I find out that the spark arrester had come loose and was blowing...
  5. WildCat 1000 | HMF Exhaust System | Dual System

    Wildcat Performance Modifications
    Loading the Wildcat 1000 up on the dyno, we realized an HMF Dual Slip On system would be killer in complimenting this power. We shaved off about 10lbs with the HMF system, and increased 4 horse power with 3 more lbs of torque. With the Swamp and Swamp XL Full systems, we saw similar power gains...