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  1. A Puerto Rican in Maine. New to UTVs, Any Advice?

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    Hey there, I know I know, from the Caribbean to an practically the north pole (Northern Maine), Who would do such a thing? well I did about 3 years ago. Now I'm ready to enjoy more the outdoors and endless trails in Aroostook County. Going to purchase my Wildcat 1000, 2014 on Monday, already got...
  2. Hi, New 2015 trail XT owner from cape Breton .

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    Hi! new 2015 trail xt owner here ,purchased about 3 weeks ago and so far loving the new machine. I live in Sydney ,Nova Scotia on Cape Breton Island. previously owned a 2012 Polaris rzr 570. been scanning thought the forum for a year now and finally decided to purchase a new machine. Great info...
  3. New owner alberta canada

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    Finally got my new 2015 black x-ltd out today (picked it up Thursday), WHAT A RIDE!! Wife made me get rid of my sporty (too many toys she says) and after today I don't regret it one bit! Took it some what easy for break-in. At the end of the day we found some high back S turns on a hill (about 6...
  4. Help wildcat x question new to this

    Wildcat X
    Hey people I'm new to this forum thing but I just purchased a wild cat x (got a killer deal) my problem is I'm getting spanked by xp 900 real bad on pavement and in Sand me in 4wd and rzr in 2wd with paddles would keep up with me ! My question is the ecu upgrade worth it will I beat xps both are...
  5. New Cat owner Purchase experience.

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    I am an ex-RZR owner and after a few years without decided the Wildcat was something worth the money. I Just had a great experience purchasing a Cat at Beach Yamaha in CA. Since there aren't many differences between the 12's and 13's I went for a Black 12. Honestly; the incentives got me to the...
  6. New Member Introduction

    New Member Introductions
    Hi,I am fjsoffroad, and I am a proud new owner of a Arctic Cat Wildcat. We have had allot of good family fun with our new Wildcat. We put 477 miles on it in the first week we owned it. I have owned just about every type of off road vehicle made. This is my first side by side and it is a very...