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  1. Issues and Resolutions
    Hello all, new to forum. I have a 2015 wildcat 700 sport with 2000kms on it I bought with 500 4 years ago. It has a bad clunking type noise under your feet on bumps/washboard and also a raspy/ grinding/rusty grating type noise in driveline that changes with speed. You can really hear it best...
  2. Wildcat X
    Hello everyone I just purchased my first wildcat x its a 2018 limited. I was driving about 50mph down a dirt road when I heard a loud clunking noise so I came to a stop. When I started driving again it did it again and now it won't move in high or reverse without making a horrendous noice. When...
  3. Wildcat Sport
    am i the only one that has sever rattle noise from the break padle when driveing it rattles so much youd think she was going to fall aprt somewhere if i put my foot on the break just a little it will stop i think it needs some bushings on the sides of the pivet bolt and grease on the bolt i...
1-3 of 3 Results