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  1. Wildcat 4
    So I have looked for the size of the stock oil filter on a '14 Wildcat 4 and cant find it. I am looking for a tool to get in there and remove the oil filter. Anyone have any ideas of the size or what do you use to remove the oil filter.
  2. Wildcat XX
    So I found a discrepancy between the XX operator's manual and the XX Service Manual & XX Service Training Guide. The operator's manual says the oil capacity of the XX is 2.70 quarts. The service manual and training guide specify using 3.75 quarts of oil for an oil change. I recently did my...
  3. Wildcat General Discussion
    What type of oil and weight do you guys run? I see that Arctic Cat sells the synthetic 0w-40 and 15-w50. I live in south MS and I ride mostly on a river sandbar so it gets pretty hot down here. Which would you guys recommend for my 2013.5 1000? Thanks!
  4. Wildcat Sport
    2015 wildcat sport I'm new and haven't figured out how to put up pictures yet but I'll describe where it looks like the leak is the best I can. On the passenger side of the motor, In between where the exhaust pipe makes the "u" shape and the water pump (guessing that's what it is) on the cover...
  5. Wildcat 4
    Hello All, after a few hours of dune riding I parked my 2013 Wildcat 4. I checked it over in the morning and noticed a large puddle of oil just below the A/F housing. I took the housing off and found oil all over the lower-inside of the housing. There is no oil in the intake. Anyone know...
1-5 of 5 Results