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  1. Wildcat Parts and Products For Sale
    Sand Slinger Sand tires 27X10X14 smoothies and 27X13X14 paddles mounted on MSA Wheels for Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000 HO These are in excellent shape and work very well in the sand. They do not leak and there are not any plugs or holes. I will be in Glamis Presidents weekend and the following...
  2. Wildcat XX
    So went to Glamis on T-Day and shoed the XX with 32" CST paddles. Stock clutching and no motor mods. These tires are awesome and really hook up compared to the stock wheels and tires aired down. The tires are a hair to big with the stock shock setup and two people in the car. There was a slight...
  3. Wildcat Parts and Products For Sale
    i have some 26" skat trak paddles from the wildcat that i want to sell. bought a rzr turbo and those little guys wont cut it. i don't have pics and i don't remember how many scoops but next time i get to my warehouse i will take some pics. shoot me an offer they're in damn near perfect shape and...
  4. Wildcat X
    I'm taking my Wildcat4X to the dunes for the first time over Halloween weekend!!!! Can anyone recommend any modifications I need OR should make to the wildcat before I go??? I've received mixed reviews from do nothing and it handles awesome stock TO I'm crazy for taking a 4 seat wildcat to the...
  5. Wildcat General Discussion
    my dealer just informed me that I should be climbing china wall and comp hill and any other huge dune in the low gear? is this true this is the same dealer that told me I would be fine with 14 staggered paddles extreme !!! so do I climb these dunes in the low gear ?
1-5 of 6 Results