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  1. Suspension Parts - Wildcat Sport, some Trail.

    Wildcat Parts and Products For Sale
    I don't upgrade with stock parts. Here's what I don't need anymore: 2015 Wildcat Sport: $35 Rear Passenger side lower A-Arm used $35 Rear upper A-Arm (fits both sides) used $10 each 3 ball joints (Fit all upper and lower control arms) used $35 Front drivers side upper a-armused $35 Front...
  2. Need a few parts for 2012 1000

    Wildcat Parts and Products For Sale
    Looking to put the cat back together and I am in need of a few parts. I don't want to update just put it back stock and run it another year. Here is a parts list: 1. Walker evans front shock 2. Driver side lower a-arm 3. Tie rod 4. Front Brake rotor 5. Ball joints upper and lower 6. 4 wheel...
  3. wanted: 2013 wildcat 1000 steering rack.

    Wildcat Parts and Products For Sale
    trying to get this thing fixed before the end of the month so i can go to glamis with everyone. im in socal need a couple other parts too i guess but i'll probably just order some stuff from ebay tomorrow. tie rods steering rack axle
  4. purchaseing new gear /parts /upgrades. where to get it

    Wildcat Sport
    hey guys im haveing a hard time finding anything for my sport on ebay where are you geting the goods for your sports at thanks.:confused:
  5. 2013.5 wildcat 1000 build...selling stock parts

    The Pits
    The time has come...I'm building a wc1000 with a zx14 motor and turbo maverick transmission so if anyone need parts let me know...I have most everything stripped down to bare chassis right now
  6. Hard top roof and Windshield For sale

    Wildcat X
    Ok so I bought my wildcat x and my dealer forced the hardtop and half windshield because it was already "billed" to my cat since its a 2013 x I still got a killer deal on my x but I hate the roof and windshield I want a soft top roof so here it is I will sell them both for $350 plus shipping...
  7. Aftermarket Parts - Who do I set up with?

    Wildcat General Discussion
    Hey Guys, I'm an Arctic Cat / Wildcat Dealer in Chattanooga, TN. I was wondering what aftermarket companies there are that I can set up with as a dealer. I've got some ideas, but it's best to hear from the consumer methinks. Our Wildcat riders are concerned with tackling the rocks, and we have...