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  1. 2012 wildcat 1000 power steering reset problems

    Wildcat General Discussion
    I have a 2012 wildcat 1000 with an aftermarket steering rack on it. I took it rock crawling and my power steering failed almost immediately. No big deal at the time. I looked up how to reset it and have had it back working for about 2 minutes. After 2 test laps around the house it went out...
  2. WTB Power steering unit for 2012 1000

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    Seems that my power steering is not functioning correctly. I have tried loosening the bolts and checking out the slider. It is smooth with the unit unplugged but when it is plugged in it turns to the right on it own. So I need buy another power steering unit. If anybody has a good used one to...
  3. Electronic Power Steering issue

    Issues and Resolutions
    2012 Wildcat 1000 with power steering issue, steering grabs and let's go in places while turning and with tie rods disconnected and front end off the ground steering is even worse, when you unplug the electronic power steering it turns just fine but soon as you plug it back in it goes ape shit...
  4. Power steering issues

    Issues and Resolutions
    Steering is horrible. Steers ok to the left when steering right it's stiff and then breaks loose cause me to oversteer took to dealer the replaced rack under warranty. As soon as I picked it up from dealer steering was very stiff and will not correct itself when coming out of a turn. Dealer said...
  5. Power steering issues

    Issues and Resolutions
    I have a new 2014 X less than 300 miles. While riding steering started making a small squeak but only when I made a left turn. Other than that no big deal. Next day went to load on trailer and no power steering at all and no error codes either. Any suggestions? Don't really want to take to...
  6. Introduction, thank you and power steering info.

    Wildcat General Discussion
    Hey gang,I'm here. I have been watching from the bushes for almost a year now and felt the need to introduce myself along with a large thank you for the wealth of information I have used from this website and the members that post. I bought my kitty from Bass pro in rancho when my wife and I got...