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  1. Custom Built Arctic Cat w/1103 Big Bore Kit Help?

    New Member Introductions
    Hi guys I'm new to the forum as I just purchased a custom build from a guy who never fully completed it. I am joining this site hoping to figure out some trouble shooting with this car. It started as a 2012 Acrtic cat wildcat 1000. I don't know everything as to what's been done unfortunately but...
  2. Hi, New here looking at a new '14 Wildcat Trail XT with Questions

    Wildcat Trail / Trail XT
    Ok, so I've read the sticky about known issues/fixes on these. Not new to ATV's but I am new to UTV's. I've owned the following - '07 Can-am Outlander 650, '06 Honda Recon - Currently own - '07 Kawasaki Bayou 250 and a '13 Suzuki Kingquad 750 AXI PS. The one thing I've learned is each unit...
  3. Condsidering selling the cat. ANY interest. WHATS it worth.

    Wildcat General Discussion
    Alright. Got another code showing on my ride at wide open throttle only. Throwing po108. Map sensor over current. At this time its running 7200-7500 rpm. Ive replaced the map sensor because of a different issue basically causing engine to flood at low rpm. That has been resolved and now it...
  4. Clutch and Shifting Issues - Dealer No Real Help

    Issues and Resolutions
    So I see a few post that sorta relate to the problem I'm having. I have a 2013.5 Limited Cat with the Team clutches. I bought it brand new less than a year ago and the bike has less that 250 relatively easy miles on it. Once I ride for a few mins and everything gets good and warmed up it wont...
  5. 1 week 1 ride

    Wildcat X
    Well I just bought a 2014 wildcat x a week ago i put 80kms and poff out in the bush 20 km back the thing come to hault wouldn't go into gear I believe it must be this belt everyone is talking bout... Thank god sum qaud guys found me and towed me sum what out and a truck the rest of the way. The...
  6. Wildcat vs. Wildcat x vs. Rzr 1000 quality

    Wildcat General Discussion
    I'm new to this forum and I currently own a Rzr 800 and I'm looking to upgrade to a 1000cc Utv and the wildcat besides price wise is toward the bottom of my list so I just wanted some opinions on owning wildcat and how they compare to Rzr 900 and 1000 and what specific Wildcafs should be avoided...
  7. CV Joint Issues??

    Issues and Resolutions
    I am a new Wildcat owner this year and went out last weekend on trails. Put 20 miles on here in SE MN not too hard of riding but after being just about done Sunday my rear drivers side outer CV joint completely came apart. With 240 miles on the machine luckily it was still under warranty. Called...
  8. today WC maiden voyage. What a machine!!!!!!

    Wildcat General Discussion
    earlier i posted that i was in the market for a SxS and that i fell in love with the WC at first sight. After reading the forums and talking to friends i got scared about the problems listed here. But..... I bought it anyway, especially after hearing from Tennessee and others. Well yesterday we...
  9. buying a Wild Cat is a mistake???

    Wildcat General Discussion
    Dear WildCat owners, i am about to buy a WC 2012 from Bass ProShop in mesa, AZ. Reading the blogs and talking to my friends I hear an awful lot of problems. blown belts, blown motors, oil leaks, failing power steering.... I will drive this thing hard and mostly in the dunes. I have had Raptors...