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  1. Wildcat General Discussion
    I have a brand new in box 2018 Wildcat aluminum roof $175 plus shipping. I have several replacement doors that fit 2015 through 2012. Open yo offers. Single door is right side plastic only. Pic with 4 doors are frame and plastic. See pics attached.
  2. Wildcat General Discussion
    Ok everyone! Here is a sneak peek as promised of the new Lid Skin™ Notchback for the Wildcat Trail and Sport. Production will be starting shortly. I know a lot of you have already expressed interest, and some of you have contacted us to be placed on the pre-order list. Thank you for your...
  3. Wildcat General Discussion
    Read on here a while back about the Limited X roof would work with the SSV overhead speaker system with a little modification. Is this the case? I have a 2013.5 Limited 1000 and would like to try and find a limited x roof if it will work.
  4. Wildcat General Discussion
    I have an oem wildcat roof for sale this is brand new I took it off my cat dealer shoved it down my throat !!!! this is the one for speakers but no speakers with it retails for $499 I will sell it for $245 plus $40 shipping obo !!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Wildcat X
    Ok so I bought my wildcat x and my dealer forced the hardtop and half windshield because it was already "billed" to my cat since its a 2013 x I still got a killer deal on my x but I hate the roof and windshield I want a soft top roof so here it is I will sell them both for $350 plus shipping...
1-5 of 6 Results