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  1. Vendor Deals
    Get your Christmas Shopping taken care of early this year! The ENTIRE Wolfsnout website is 10% off with code SAVE10%
  2. Wildcats For Sale
    Selling my beast in excellent condition and 1500 miles on it. This unit has lots of accessories and performance upgrades: MCX Turbo Kit - 150HP & 90miles/hour top speed; Upgraded Exhaust system; Upgraded performance clutch; ProArmor aluminum doors; Beard harnesses; LED Light Bar; Doom led...
  3. Wildcat General Discussion
    Alright. Got another code showing on my ride at wide open throttle only. Throwing po108. Map sensor over current. At this time its running 7200-7500 rpm. Ive replaced the map sensor because of a different issue basically causing engine to flood at low rpm. That has been resolved and now it...
  4. Wildcat X
    Ok so I bought my wildcat x and my dealer forced the hardtop and half windshield because it was already "billed" to my cat since its a 2013 x I still got a killer deal on my x but I hate the roof and windshield I want a soft top roof so here it is I will sell them both for $350 plus shipping...
  5. Wildcats For Sale
1-5 of 7 Results