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snorkel system

  1. 1000 Limited Snorkel Idea.. Need Advice!

    Projects and How-To
    So I saw this picture on another thread and I'm thinking I want to do something similar. I'm really only wanting to snorkel my air intake. I never have any plans on really needing a snorkel but I do ride on a river and around water a lot. I absolutely hate how low the air intake on the Big Cat...
  2. Will a Snorkel on my 4X rob performance?

    Wildcat Performance Modifications
    I am thinking about getting a snorkel kit for my wildcat 4x we do a lot of riding in the river and i want to be able to get deeper and not worry about sucking water up into the intake. I also ride a lot in the desert and dont want to sacrifice power so is there any downside to putting a snorkel...
  3. Question pertaining to snorkeling the wildcat trail

    Projects and How-To
    Just bought my wildcat trial yesterday and am hoping to throw snorkels on it before a weekend ride cause the river is running high by where I ride, I'm curious, for those who have already snorkeled their machines will the stock CVT rubber sleeves fit over 2" PVC, and for the intake if I cut it...
  4. Wildcat X snorkel info??

    Wildcat X
    Hello, looking for a snorkel kit for the 2013.5 wildcat X, does anyone know of a kit on the market? I could not find one. Please post if you know of a kit that will snorkel the x or a kit that is compatible with little modification! Thanks!
  5. Wildcat X in the water

    Wildcat X
    Today I took my 2013.5 Wildcat X out in the water and it got a little deep. No problems with the cat and the snorkel system kept the machine high and dry. So to speak. LOL. I did find out in the process of riding around today (120 miles) that my 4 LOCK switch wont stay engaged. Any thoughts...