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  1. snorkel issue and belt issue?

    Wildcat X
    ok guys had an issue this weekend. ran amazing about 2 hrs in the morning. then stopped for a half hr to eat and chill. went back out and would not get anything over 6k on the tach. super consistent to. checked everything from plugs on gps... gas vent tubes being plugged... air box was dry and...
  2. Will a Snorkel on my 4X rob performance?

    Wildcat Performance Modifications
    I am thinking about getting a snorkel kit for my wildcat 4x we do a lot of riding in the river and i want to be able to get deeper and not worry about sucking water up into the intake. I also ride a lot in the desert and dont want to sacrifice power so is there any downside to putting a snorkel...
  3. Snorkeling the CVT exhaust

    Wildcat Sport
    This is my first CVT so this may be a stupid question. Why snorkel the CVT exhaust? Thanks.