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  1. recommendation for wheel spacers

    Wildcat Trail / Trail XT
    Looking for source recommendation for a set of 1" to 1.5" wheel spacers for my 2016 Wildcat Trail. Also what is the hub bolt size/pattern? Thanks,
  2. 2014 Trail, Best setup for 4Wheeler Trails?

    Wildcat Trail / Trail XT
    Hello Everybody. New here, New to ATVs/UTVs. Just got myself a 2014 Trail. I live in West Virginia, our trails consist pretty much of Hills, Ruts, and Mud Holes. On my first ride I noticed how easily this Trail will scrape or high-center in these Ruts if you slide into them. I scraped on a lot...
  3. Wheels and tires for sale

    Wildcat Trail / Trail XT
    Sorry in advance if I posted this in the wrong section. Made the mistake of buying tires before I put the lift kit in. So I am now selling my stock steel wheels, sedona tires, and 2in aluminum wheel spacers. Tires are Sedona Rip Saw R/T's. 25x8x12 and 25x10x12. Great tires awesome traction in...
  4. Maxxis Bighorn Radial 30x10x14

    Wildcat General Discussion
    I have a 2013.5 wildcat 1000 limited and I'm wanting to put a set of Maxxis Bighorn Radial 30x10x14 on it. I don't do any heavy mud riding, I ride mostly trails and snow. I'm wondering what I should do to make this work. Do I need a clutch kit? If so what should I get? Also will I need wheel...
  5. Alba Racing Wildcat billet wheel spacers now available!!!

    Alba Racing
    We are offering 1.75" billet wheel spacers for the Wildcat now. We have tested and abused these thouroghly in Baja and the local deserts. This spacers will add stability and enhance the stance. I have attached some pictures for those who are interseted. Get ready for more products to be released...