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  1. Running 30’s on my wildcat trail sport

    Wildcat Sport
    In the market of getting a new set of wheels, I came across a great deal for some tires. Was originally planning on running 28’s however I found a set of 30’s for a much better price, would I need to do any clutch work? Or you think I should be fine for a while? My rig has only 30 miles on it.
  2. New Wheels For the WC Sport

    Wildcat Sport
    Looking into upgrading wheels for my 2018 WC Trail Sport XT. Im looking to go from the stock wheels and tires to 14" and 28x10x14. I found a set i like that are 14x7 with +35mm offset. Was wondering how theyll fit and if itll alter the total width of the sxs from 60"? pic of the wheels are...
  3. Windshield

    Wildcat Sport
    So right now I have a full windshield that was on the Wildcat sport when I bought it. I am wondering with the heat of the summer if it’s a good idea to get a half shield. Anyone have any insight on this?
  4. Wildcat exhaust

    Wildcat Sport
    Any nice mufflers out there that are quieter / better sounding than stock?
  5. Wildcat Trail / Sport spare tire carrier - CA

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    Arctic Cat OEM spare tire carrier MSRP $369.99 Asking $225 Only used for 400 miles. In great condition. All hardware included. Located in Orange County, CA PM or text 949-431-6690
  6. Extra hp for '17 sport

    Wildcat Sport
    Hi all. Just purchased a 2017 sport ltd ive been looking at a couple different packages for increased hp. They show decent Gaines but when I read closer they post gains from a 15 sport or trail. Now speedwerx posted that the gains are not as big on the 17 sport due to the factory making changes...
  7. Easter weekend at Down South

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    Played in some mud. And also helped out a RZR.
  8. Jumping the cat

    Wildcat Sport
    SO IVE BEEN DOING SOME MINOR JUMPS REALLY AND I FIND THE SPORT DOES NOT JUMP VERY WELL it seems like the rearend always shoots up hard and wants to flip you over no mater what i do i gas it to drop the rear wheels but it dosent help if i hit the breaks to bring the rear up it dose but its...
  9. custom muffler

    Wildcat Sport
    alot a muffler customization goin on and i got to try it my self for my sport ive built custom mufflers for all my other rides but usully out of other mufflers id cut gut em combine them n what not but im goin full custom on this one got some stainless pipe and sheet metal thinkin of copying the...
  10. purchaseing new gear /parts /upgrades. where to get it

    Wildcat Sport
    hey guys im haveing a hard time finding anything for my sport on ebay where are you geting the goods for your sports at thanks.:confused:
  11. Tires

    Wildcat Sport
    ​what you running for tires im getin a set of 27x11x12 rear 27x9x12 front mudlite xtrs this week good looking radial and had great reviews mounting on stock steel wheels but i might mod some custom rim guards about 2 "wide welded all around the outer edge and cut some drain holes i hit a...
  12. RFI: How to remove spark plug cap from coil wire?

    Wildcat Trail / Trail XT
    Dear Forum Members: I am requesting any information regarding the process of removal of the ignition coil wire from the Trail/Sport spark plug cap. As you may already know, the spark plugs are recessed and are unlike typical caps that simply screw onto the wire as far as I can tell. •The...
  13. diy doors for sport

    Wildcat Sport
    hey guys has any one made there own custom doors for the trail /sport yet im thinking of makeing my own
  14. Any aftermarket doors out there yet?

    Wildcat Sport
    So my girlfriend destroyed the drivers side door of my base green sport. :mad: Didnt get it fully latch before hitting the woods! No more solo drive time for her lol. The plastics took it suprisingly well so i may just grab a new stock door frame and hinges. I was wondering if there are any...
  15. Getting muddy at General Sam's 5-30-15

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  16. Getting muddy at Down South Off Road 4-25-15

    Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    Forgot to post this a while ago.
  17. Exhaust wrap on Trail/Sport

    Wildcat Performance Modifications
    For all you Trail/Sport riders who have wrapped your header. Did you reinstall the heat shield? I wrapped mine this weekend. I sealed it up with the high heat silicone paint that the wrap manufacturer recommends. I also have a D&D exhaust arriving this week which will also help with the heat...
  18. WildCat trail vs. wildcat sport

    Wildcat General Discussion
    Hey guys I'm new on here, and I'm in the market for a wildcat. But, I'm not sure if I should go to with a sport or if I should go with the wildcat trail. I guess I need to know. *Speed difference *power difference *ground clearance *stability let me know anything else you can think of...
  19. need help with oil leaking from side of engine

    Wildcat Sport
    2015 wildcat sport I'm new and haven't figured out how to put up pictures yet but I'll describe where it looks like the leak is the best I can. On the passenger side of the motor, In between where the exhaust pipe makes the "u" shape and the water pump (guessing that's what it is) on the cover...