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  1. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and new years. Me and a few buddy's went out and had a blast. Unfortunately my gopro died when things interesting! hope yall like the vid and cant wait to what the rest of the year has in store. Dont forget to subscribe.:o
  2. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    I feel my son is finally old enough to start riding around with me in the SXS. We had a blast and I was able to capture a little footage along the way. Le me know what yall think.
  3. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    :yikes:After all the repairs and heart ache I got the cat back out and she did awesome! I didn't for one second have a doubt that I might get stuck. My new 30in Arisun Aftershock tires made light work of that mud.;) Feel free to subscribe and leave a comment on my channel.
  4. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    Finally made it to Jacksonville Texas for Mud Nationals and let me tell you it was everything I would have imagined. I would highly recommend making a trip to next years event. Hope yall enjoy to video and be sure to check out my other videos.
  5. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    Met up with my buddy and his cat rolling 32s and we had some fun mashing around the park.
  6. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    I lived through mid-terms and to celebrate I revisited some of my Rob Roy footage and made it a little more about riding and less about me driving my truck up the mountain. I hope everyone is doing well, let me know what yall think and don't forget to check out my other videos.
  7. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    Finally meet another guy in San Antonio TX with a Wildcat X!!! Thank God, so we went and rode around GSL Ranch for a bit. I blew my rear driver side tire in the first 100 yards of the freaking ride. So the rest of the day I was running a Big Horn 2.0 and a Kanati Mongrel on the passenger side...
  8. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    Right out my buddies garage are some pretty awesome trail systems and views. I was completely surprised by the amount of dust on the trails. When I think of CO I think mountains and green stuff. Not super dusty desert like conditions. Either way it was an awesome time and there were some pretty...
  9. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    The is from the beginning of my two week mancation North. Wyoming has so many beautiful views and trail to ride. Someone could ride for days without seeing the end it seamed like. I loved it there. This is also where I busted the ball joint and a group of riders from Nebraska lent a helping...
  10. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    On my two week vacation one of our rides was through the beautiful Lead King Basin in Colorado. It was awesome, the beauty helped ease the understanding that if you made one wrong move you could wake up dead. There were several avalanche areas. One had been cleared the other was where the Sport...
  11. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    Another eventful ride at GSL Ranch here in TEXAS. Thank God no one got hurt and I only bent a tie rod and a rim. The Dirt biker didn't get hurt beside his little feelings!!! Let me know what yall think and there plenty more on my yourtube channel. Thanks for watching.
  12. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    Got to talking to a guy on youtube who rides in Alaska and remembered I had some footage of a day we decided to go riding and the temp dropped out of now where to -35 degrees F!!!!Needless to say we didint last to long out on the trail before we headed back to the house. Let me know whats the...
  13. Wildcat X
    Any words of wisdom from yall pros out there before I try and install these new tie rod ends? I have done it several time on actual trucks but never on a SXS. Thanks
  14. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    Took the ole X out for a rip round my neighborhood. I had a blast but the cat becomes more sketchy every time I go for a ride. Hope you enjoy and please sub on my youtube channel.
  15. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    About a year ago me and some buddies were riding along the Chena River just outside Fairbanks AK. It ends up not all the terrain is the same!! Hope you like the edit. Be sure to SUB on youtube. Sorry for the girl holding the camera I guess she was cold.
  16. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    Finally received my highlifter rear radius rods in so I took the CAT out for a RIP! She drove awesome I couldnt be more happy. The rear end feel so much better and I can take turns with greater speed. Check out the video and let me know what yall think and subscribe on YouTube. Thanks
  17. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    Have another one for yall. We had a great time on the trail between pulling people out and almost getting stabbed by sticks. The CAT was the only one to make it through the mud hole first time go. The RZR 800 made it but had to back up a few time and get pulled out. The RZR 900 didint even try...
  18. Wildcat Rides, Meets and Events
    What's going on everyone? Wanted to see if anyone in the greater TeXaS Area wanted to meet up at GSL Ranch on the 21st of Jan. I have not been there before but it seems to have decent reviews, and I'm looking forward to checking the place out. I talked to Sam (that's who answers when you call...
  19. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    Dug this ole video up the other day and thought I would post it. I know its not a SXS but stills. I was on my 500XT vrs a Grizzly 700. We had a blast out there on the ice. Wish I would find more footage, hope yall enjoy.
1-19 of 19 Results