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  1. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and new years. Me and a few buddy's went out and had a blast. Unfortunately my gopro died when things interesting! hope yall like the vid and cant wait to what the rest of the year has in store. Dont forget to subscribe.:o
  2. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    I feel my son is finally old enough to start riding around with me in the SXS. We had a blast and I was able to capture a little footage along the way. Le me know what yall think.
  3. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    Finally meet another guy in San Antonio TX with a Wildcat X!!! Thank God, so we went and rode around GSL Ranch for a bit. I blew my rear driver side tire in the first 100 yards of the freaking ride. So the rest of the day I was running a Big Horn 2.0 and a Kanati Mongrel on the passenger side...
  4. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    Took the ole X out for a rip round my neighborhood. I had a blast but the cat becomes more sketchy every time I go for a ride. Hope you enjoy and please sub on my youtube channel.
  5. Wildcat Rides, Meets and Events
    What's going on everyone? Wanted to see if anyone in the greater TeXaS Area wanted to meet up at GSL Ranch on the 21st of Jan. I have not been there before but it seems to have decent reviews, and I'm looking forward to checking the place out. I talked to Sam (that's who answers when you call...
  6. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    Was able to spend my first thanksgiving back in TEXAS with the fam. It was a great time, made even better by my wildcat X. I took my mom and dad out for a little ride and they loved it. Let m know what yall think of the video and be sure to check m out on youtube, "nathan barela" and subscribe...
  7. Wildcat Rides, Meets and Events
    Wanted to see if there is anyone in the area of Port O'conner Texas that wants to do some ridding this weekend 5-6 NOV. I have not been to the beach in sometime so I am looking forward to having some fun. Also I just talked to the Police department down there and as long as you have your ride...
  8. Wildcat General Discussion
    I am going on a 4 day riding trip (assuming the WC comes in on time) around Big Bend National Park. The riding group will consist several MX motorcycles, a 4-wheeler or two, and myself on the Wildcat. I'm assuming the nearest Arctic Cat dealer will be 6-7 hours by car, so I'd like to avoid that...
1-8 of 8 Results