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  1. Wildcat Parts and Products For Sale
    I don't upgrade with stock parts. Here's what I don't need anymore: 2015 Wildcat Sport: $35 Rear Passenger side lower A-Arm used $35 Rear upper A-Arm (fits both sides) used $10 each 3 ball joints (Fit all upper and lower control arms) used $35 Front drivers side upper a-armused $35 Front...
  2. Wildcat Sport
    I am looking for heavy duty tie rods with heim joints and the upgraded clevis from my wildcat sport. I've been researching for weeks. Kryptic SxS refuses to answer emails, texts, Facebook, and the phone. Assault no longer makes them. Willies off-road and Ameristar have no listings. Pace...
  3. Wildcat X
    Any words of wisdom from yall pros out there before I try and install these new tie rod ends? I have done it several time on actual trucks but never on a SXS. Thanks
  4. Wildcat X
    Whats going on everybody? I'm sure it has been asked and talked about a thousand times but im going to ask it again. I need help with finding new a few things. From most important to least: -new tie rod ends or full tie bars and ends -brakes, pads and possibly rotters -barrings and ball joints...
  5. Wildcat 4
    Hey everyone, So took my cat out for the first maiden voyage and good hell there was all types of noise coming from the front end. Had the normal squeaks and all but there was popping all over the place. Started looking around under the front end everything was snug but not tight. There was a...
  6. Wildcat X
    My overall question is what are the most cost effective tie rods to upgrade to? I would like to pose the question, Who has purchased upgraded tie rods and bent or damaged them or been unhappy with them???? Who has tie rods they are very happy with????
  7. Wildcat General Discussion
    So i was trying to climb mount everest this weekend and bent one of these weak ass tie rods arctic cat puts on these machines. After it bent of course it put the axle in a bind and broke that too. What tie rods do you guys run. And axles. Are the rhino axles the best replacements or factory or...
1-7 of 7 Results