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  1. Wildcat General Discussion
    So, I have had a 2017 Wildcat Trail was great had set up for Trax's and Tires. Worked great in Year-Round Conditions from Winter Snow to Desert Sands. But knee surgeries I finally got rid of it as was too hard on my leg. Recently I bought a 2015 with blown motor so instead of rebuilding it I...
  2. Issues and Resolutions
    Long time lurker, first time poster. I've got a coolant issue on a 2016 Wildcat Trail that I cannot, for the life of me, figure out. I live on an island in the Alaskan bush with 700 people and the local mechanic doesn't have availability for a hot minute. So here I am desperate for any trouble...
  3. Wildcat Trail / Trail XT
    I was out wheeling on saturday and got high centered. I had it in 4x4 with some help got out and returned to 2wd (Its not stuck in 4 I checked) And it is really hard to turn now... My steering rack has play in it is that enough to make it difficult to turn? I just replaced all my wheel bearings...
  4. Wildcat Sport
    Hello It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here but I need some help. Does anyone know where I can buy factory replacement door skins? I already made my own lower door skin/panel. I can’t find the upper anywhere. Thanks John
  5. Wildcat Trail / Trail XT
    After researching and reading the forum I settled on AJ's fender flares. I called their number and was told they will no longer be selling Wildcat Trail flares since Arctic Cat discontinued the trail. Now I'm in the unfortunate situation of trying to find other flares. I have the rear OEM...
  6. Wildcat Trail / Trail XT
    just bought a 2016 Wildcat Trail SE Camo/Orange and trying to find a Service Manual for it. Anyone know where I can find one? Been looking and the google is not doing its job, lol. Thanks for any help.
  7. New Member Introductions
    First of all, just want to say hi to everyone and that I'm glad to finally be able to join. I ended up getting a Trail Limited (actually won it over the July 4th weekend at the "Greeley Stampede" from Harsh Powersports in Eaton, CO... - one of those things where I alllllmost didn't show up...
  8. Wildcat Trail / Trail XT
    Purchased new still in box for my Trail 700.Looking to get $ 50.00 for both items plus you pay actual shipping lower 48 US. PayPal for payment please only, thanks.
1-8 of 8 Results