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  1. 2014 1000x Engine Oiling Issue - Warranty?

    Issues and Resolutions
    2014 10004x bought with 12 miles, no warranty, theft recovery. Engine dropped a valve at 180 miles, less than 15 hours on it. Repaired it, happened again, this time was due to blocked oil gallery during reassembly. Replaced the head, verified that oil was getting to both heads, but without...
  2. New tires?

    Wildcat Trail / Trail XT
    I just bought a Wildcat trail a few weeks ago, already got a few accessories on it. What I'm wondering is, if I put 27 inch tires with 14 inch wheels, will that void the warranty? Please help, Thanks!
  3. Rebuilding my motor

    Wildcat Performance Modifications
    Sorry about my last post. The long one got lost due to my phone so that thread can be deleted... But here is my story In June of 2014 I got my brand new wildcat x from Prime Powersports in Shawno WI. The promotion at the time was cash back or a 2 year extended warranty. Of course I wanted the...
  4. Dirt in places it shouldn't be.

    Issues and Resolutions
    My wildcat has been sucking in dirt that has been bypassing the air filter housing due to a gap on the inside of the air filter, created by the air filter housing not being clamped in or even bolted in after it's first service. When I went to clean my air filter I noticed that the housing was...
  5. My wildcat caught fire on 2nd day of owning!!!

    Issues and Resolutions
    I have owned my cat for ten days and it has been in the shop 8 of them days. The first day I had it we sent it back because it would not start. When they returned it the next day it caught fire 2 hours later from an oil leak on manifold. The wiring harness and some plastics are ruined. They...