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  1. Wildcat XX
    I need to replace my wheel bearings. For the internal snap ring holding the bearing in place, typical snap ring pliers don't open wide enough. Is there a trick to this? Is there a "large" set of snap ring pliers available? Everything I'm seeing online looks to be the same size but obviously it's...
  2. Wildcat X
    Hey, new owner of a 2014 wildcat x 1000. I had it out for a day and thought I heard some issues but could not find them. The next day I went out for a ride and found after a while that if I was driving and let my foot of the throttle it would make some loud banging noises and lock up the rear...
  3. Wildcat XX
    Unless I missed it somewhere, the wheel lug nut torque specs are not in the owner or service manuals. I seen an axle replacement video from Rocky Mountain ATV stating 95 ft-lbs. Is this correct? Thanks.
  4. Alba Racing
    We are offering 1.75" billet wheel spacers for the Wildcat now. We have tested and abused these thouroghly in Baja and the local deserts. This spacers will add stability and enhance the stance. I have attached some pictures for those who are interseted. Get ready for more products to be released...