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  1. Looking for a used set of front and rear stock shocks wildcat 4

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    Hoping to find a used set in good condition taken off for an upgrade.
  2. Wildcat 4X safety upgrades cages belts axle

    Wildcat 4
    Hi all! First off I am a noob to side by sides. I just picked up a 2014 Wildcat 4 X Since it is a family ride most of the time I want to make it safer. 1. Roll cage upgrade to prevent a crush. I am having trouble finding anyone that makes a full roll cage. I saw one that was much lower in...
  3. 2013 wildcat 4 Tie Rod Upgrade

    Wildcat 4
    Hey everyone, So took my cat out for the first maiden voyage and good hell there was all types of noise coming from the front end. Had the normal squeaks and all but there was popping all over the place. Started looking around under the front end everything was snug but not tight. There was a...
  4. New 30" SuperATV Dominators on today

    Wildcat Wheel and Tire Discussion
    10" in front, 12" in rear. Still at dearlership waiting for me to pick it up. Its an hour an half away so it might be next week before I get over there to get it! LOL These tires look like they should be the stock size. Not those tiny worthless Duro's.
  5. Belt Issues - Need Help

    Wildcat 4
    Thanks for taking time to read through this. We purchased a WC4 in April. We live in Central Florida. We do mostly gravel/sand trail riding. Not the suck you tire spinning sand but the cruise along with no effort at 20 to 30 mph sand. Also a little mud but again not mud up to the floor...
  6. Team clutch adjustable weight set?

    Wildcat 4
    Need help on how to adjust my clutch for the sand. Does anyone sell a kit out there with an adjustable weight clutch set?
  7. Drilled Clutch Cover

    Wildcat 4
    I pulled my cover today to check the belt after only one weekend out. Belt looks great. Decided to drill some holes in the cover while it was off. I took pretty easy on the cat. I alternated between 2 and 4 wheel drive and low and high range. 6.8 hours and only 61 miles.
  8. 2011 Eclipse Attitude 18 FKG toy hauler will fit Wildcat 4 seater inside!

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    Up for sale is a 2011 attitude 18fkg. T!This trailer is awesome and come
  9. Team Clutch CVT Replacement Belts by Gates

    Wildcat Performance Modifications
    Gates finally makes a belt for the new Team clutch set up. Here are the part numbers for the replacement OEM number from Arctic Cat 0823-391: Gates Part #29G3596 Gates Part #29C3596 - Carbon Belt, Gates Recommends purchasing this belt The price difference is huge between the standard belt...
  10. Team Clutch CVT Replacement Belts by Gates

    Wildcat 4
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  11. Gas and storage systems

    Wildcat General Discussion
    We are getting ready to do some lonnnnnnng trail rides of 130 miles or more. What systems is everybody using to carry extra gas cans, coolers, tools and other junk on their rides?
  12. Pismo Beach trip 6/28-6/30

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    Hey what's up..trying to plan a trip to pismo beach Friday 6/28 - Sunday 6/30. I will be heading up there Thursday night. So far 3 trailer and 3 side by sides are going. Anyone else interested?
  13. Looking for a set of stock rims off a wildcat 4

    Wildcat 4
    Anyone selling a set of stock rims off a new wildcat 4? i am looking for a set or rear stock wheels
  14. Plug and play wire???

    Wildcat 4
    Does anyone know where I can get the plug and play adapters for the wire I am holding in the picture?